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Street Multi-Car Package

Item #: KMC100-S50
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The R1 Coatings® Multi-Car Package Includes:

  • R1 Coatings® Street - 50ml (x2)
  • R1 Coatings® Prep - 16oz
  • R1 Coatings® Revive - 16oz
  • Application Block - 6 Pack
  • Premium Yellow 16"x16" Microfiber - 6 Pack
  • Premium Blue 16"x16" Microfiber - 6 Pack
  • Premium Green 16"x16" Microfiber - 6 Pack

R1 Coatings® Street creates a permanent bond to your vehicle finish, providing the maximum level of protection and shine for your vehicle. R1 Coatings® products are easy to use and once applied, you will never have to wax your vehicle again!

This is a professional-grade product and the same formula that is used by national franchises, chains, and professional auto detailers. With proper care and maintenance, this coating will outlive the life of your vehicle and maintain a brilliant shine - permanently! The best part is that with R1 Coatings® Street, all you need to keep your vehicle clean is water and mild soap.

  • Extreme Hardness for an Additional Layer of Abrasion Resistance
  • Permanent Protection from the Environment
  • Twice as Hydrophobic as Traditional Wax
  • Withstands Heat Up To 1,800°C
  • Protects from UV Damage, Acid Rain & Bird Droppings

    Choose 50ml For:

    • 1 SUV
    • 1 Full Size Truck
    • 3 Motorcycles
    • 1 Car with Multiple Coats
    • 2 Cars