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FiberWash Microfiber Cleaner

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Give your microfiber towels the TLC they deserve with FiberWash! FiberWash is designed specifically for microfiber washing and conditioning,'s FiberWash will keep your microfiber towels clean and looking great while also acting as a rejuvenator for the fibers. FiberWash is also great for cleaning any applicator pads and polisher pads. Highly concentrated! Just a little goes a long way!

Directions: FiberWash is for use in automatic washing machines. For heavily soiled towels, add 1 cup of FiberWash for a full load. For less soiled towels use 1/2 cup of Fiberwash per full load. Do Not use bleach or fabric softener in conjunction with FiberWash, it will detoriate the fibers of the towel.