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Engine Degreaser

Item #: DC1540-G
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  • Regular price $34.95's Engine Degreaser safely cleans engine compartments and other excessively dirty areas. Engine Degreaser can clean all door jambs, wheels, tires and wheel wells. Engine Degreaser is extremely effective in cleaning all greasy and grimy areas. Engine Degreaser is VOC compliant and meets all air quality standards.

Directions: Dilute at least 3:1 (3 parts water to 1 part product). Wear eye protection, gloves, and an apron. Thoroughly rinse the area to be cleaned. Do not use Engine Degreaser on hot engines, allow engine to cool down first.Hot wheels must first be cooled with water. Spray Engine Degreaser onto surface and allow to dwell several minutes. Do not allow Engine Degreaser to dry on surface. Agitate Engine Degreaser as necessary using an appropriate brush. Rinse thoroughly (with pressure washer, if possible). Do not allow Engine Degreaser or rinse water to run off into storm drains.