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Ceramic Waterless Wash Continuous Sprayer Package

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R1 Coatings® Waterless Wash is the perfect complement to your coating (works great on non-coated vehicles, too). This advanced formula is great for waterless washing or spot cleaning. R1 Coatings® Waterless Wash contains advanced ceramic silica technology to enhance your vehicle’s coating. Each wash leaves your finish clean, hydrophobic, and with that extra sparkle unlike anything you’d get with regular waterless wash products. Regular use of R1 Coatings® Waterless Wash will also help extend the life of your coating.

Ceramic Waterless Wash Package Includes:

  • Continuous Sprayer - 10oz Bottle
  • Waterless Wash with Nano Ceramic Technology - 1 Gallon
  • Premium Blue 16"x16" Microfiber - 12 Pack

Note: R1 Coatings® Waterless Wash is great on surfaces that contain light to moderate levels of dust and grime. This product should not be used on surfaces containing heavy dirt and debris.

Directions: Work from the top of the vehicle down. Fold a microfiber towel into fourths and spray the product generously onto a section of the vehicle and wipe off with a clean part of the towel. After all sections of the towel are soiled, switch to a clean microfiber. After completing the wash, follow up with a clean microfiber towel to remove any excess product. Polish to a brilliant shine! Can be used on all exterior vehicle surfaces, including: paint, trim, glass and wheels.