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Bug and Tar Remover

Item #: DC1560-Q
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  • Regular price $39.95's Bug and Tar Remover dissolves greasy, sticky residues like those from bugs, road tar, oils and adhesives. Bug and Tar remover is also an excellent carpet spot remover for hard to remover oily stains. Bug and Tar Remover is safe on most surfaces including paint, plastic, rubber and vinyl when used according to directions.

Directions: Do not spray Bug & Tar Remover directly onto any surface. Pour Bug & Tar Remover onto a folded utility towel or applicator and wipe the affected area carefully until the contamination has been removed. Wipe off excess. Bug & Tar Remover will remove any wax or sealant from the paint surface as well as the contaminates you are trying to remove. Apply protection to treated surfaces (wax on paint, dressing on plastic and vinyl) after use of Bug & Tar Remover.