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All Purpose Cleaner

Item #: DC1510-G
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  • Regular price $34.95's Citrus scented All Purpose Cleaner is an excellent multi-use cleaning product that is ideal for general interior and exterior cleaning. Concentrated for economy. All Purpose Cleaner is designed to be diluted at multiple different dilution ratios depending on the surfaces being cleaned. All Purpose Cleaner is totally paint safe and is designed to clean all types of rubber, plastic, vinyl and metal surfaces. All Purpose Cleaner is all you will need for your Interior and Exterior needs.

Directions: Dilute All Purpose Cleaner at least 3:1 (3 parts product to 1 part water). Spray onto the surface, allow All Purpose Cleaner to dwell for a few moments, then agitate as necessary with an appropriate brush or microfiber towel. Wipe away dirt and residue with a clean microfiber towel. Do not allow to dry on surface. Follow use on paint surfaces with an application of a Rightlook premium waxes or sealants. Follow use on plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces with application of a's Premium Dressing.