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Shine Zilla™ Ultra-Premium Ceramic Detail Spray

Item #: SHN100-1G
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Shine Zilla™ - The World’s Finest Ultra-Premium Ceramic Detail Spray. As Easy As Spray, Wipe, WOW! Shine Zilla™ spray coating is the ultimate spray and wipe product for enhancing the shine and providing the ultimate level of protection for your car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle or whatever moves you!

Our proprietary coating formula featuring cross-linking polymers and other premium additives will leave the coated surface ultra-slick, is highly car wash resistant, and the shine will make you say: WOW! Shine Zilla™ takes just minutes to apply after washing with a simple spray and wipe process.

Shine Zilla™ can even be applied to wet surfaces. Shine Zilla™ coating can be applied to most surfaces including paint, glass, rubber, metal, plastic, chrome, gelcoat and more. Shine Zilla™ coating can be applied overtop of existing waxes, paint sealants and ceramic coatings to further enhance and protect.

With regular Shine Zilla™ application your vehicle will always have that visual POP! It'll have that wet-look and a hyper-slick and smooth feel as well as be protected and stay clean longer! We call it the WOW factor!