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2-Day Home and Commercial Window Tinting Training

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Home & Commercial Window Tinting Training

Elevate Your Tinting Business with Our 2-Day Home and Commercial Window Tinting Training!

Rightlook Home and Commercial Window Tinting Training

Maximize your earnings potential.

Join the ranks of skilled professionals with our intensive 2-Day Home and Commercial Window Tinting Training program, presented by, a renowned leader in the window tinting industry. This course is expertly designed for individuals aiming to enhance their existing skill set or embark on a successful venture in the lucrative field of window tinting.

Our training program delves deep into the art and science of window tinting for residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our course covers everything from fundamental techniques to advanced applications. You’ll gain hands-on experience with the latest tools and materials, ensuring you’re well-equipped to deliver top-notch services to your clients.

Your Hands-On Training Includes Everything Listed On This Page!

Your Home and Commercial Window Tinting Training Includes Everything Listed Below. has been an industry leader in window tint training since 1998. Our certification courses are specifically designed to prepare you for a successful career in the window film application industry. With you get better training for better results and more profits. We call it learn and earn!

Rightlook Comprehensive Home and Commercial Window Tinting Training

Comprehensive Training

Learn the intricacies of window tinting for various home and commercial settings, including different window types and sizes.

Rightlook State-of-the-Art Training Center

State-of-the-Art Training Center

You will train daily in our world-class training centers designed from the ground up for the best training experience. Use the latest supplies and equipment and learn in a comfortable, modern training center. Your experience is everything to us!

Rightlook Step-By-Step Instruction from Rightlook Certified Trainers

Step-By-Step Instruction from Rightlook Certified Trainers

Our training has been built and refined over decades. Your training is taught by world-class experts who are respected professionals in the industry and passionate about home and commercial window tinting.

Rightlook Features Training with Small Class Sizes

Small Hands-On Class Sizes

This is NOT a seminar. Our training is hands-on over the shoulder and taught in a small intimate group setting for maximum results. There is extensive hands-on window tinting application.

Rightlook Hands-On Auto Detailing Training Includes a Free Swag Bag

Free Swag Bag

Your free swag bag is filled with training materials and Rightlook swag to make your training experience all it can be!

Rightlook Hands-On Auto Detailing Training Includes Free Catered Lunches

Catered Lunches

All lunches will be catered in our cafeteria. Your lunch break is a great time to network with other students and instructors before getting back to work!

Rightlook Hands-On Auto Detailing Training Includes 12 Months of Priority Tech Support

12 Months of Priority Tech Support

We include one year of FREE priority tech support from our highly experienced team of instructors. No matter the situation, you can contact us for support on standard procedures or tips on an especially tricky job or situation.

Rightlook Hands-On Tinting Training Features The Latest Industry Procedures and Techniques

Latest Industry Procedures and Techniques

Our training features proven, systematic procedures for maximizing your efficiency. You’ll not only learn the most up to date industry techniques for each service but how to work smarter rather than harder.

Rightlook Hands-On Training Includes A Printed Certificate

Printed Certificates To Proudly Show You Are Certified!

Impress customers by showing them you’ve undergone the training to become an expert. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a printed proof of certification for each class.

Rightlook Hands-On Training Includes Resources To Use In Your Business

Resources To Use In Your Business

In addition to all our amazing hands-on training, you will also receive bonus checklists, inspection sheets, and other valuable resources to print and use for your business.

Rightlook Hands-On Auto Detailing Students Graduation Celebration and Toast

Graduation Celebration & Toast

At graduation on day 5 we will celebrate your success with Rightlook Staff and toast to your future success before you head off on your exciting new career or business!

Your 2-Day Hands-On Training Outline

Day 1: Intro To Home and Commercial Window Tinting

The first day of our Home and Commercial Window Tinting Training opens with an engaging and informative introduction to the realm of window tinting. This segment highlights the significant role of window tinting in enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of both residential and commercial properties. Following the introduction, the training transitions into a detailed exploration of the essential tools and a variety of tints commonly used in the industry. This part of the session provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the materials and equipment they will be utilizing, setting a solid foundation for the practical aspects of the course.

Understanding Concepts
A crucial element of the day’s agenda is dedicated to Glass Reading Techniques. In this segment, trainees will get hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment like spectrophotometers, learning to accurately identify various types of glass. This is a pivotal part of the training as it equips participants with the necessary skills to select the appropriate tinting materials and methods for different glass types. Mastery of this skill is vital to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of their tinting work, making this session particularly valuable.

Material Prep, Trimming, & Installation
The day concludes with a practical, hands-on tinting session. This part of the training emphasizes the importance of clean and efficient application techniques. Trainees will have the opportunity to apply their learned skills, gaining firsthand experience in the art of window tinting. Additionally, this session includes an important focus on safety and legal compliance, ensuring that participants are well-versed in the responsible practices of window tinting. This comprehensive approach ensures that trainees leave with not only technical skills but also an understanding of the broader implications and responsibilities of their work.

Day 2: Advanced Techniques, Troubleshooting & Graduation

On the second day of our Home and Commercial Window Tinting Training, participants delve deeper into the world of window tinting with a focus on advanced techniques. This day is tailored to address the unique challenges presented by various window shapes and sizes commonly encountered in both home and commercial settings. Trainees will be engaged in intricate problem-solving exercises, which are essential for mastering how to overcome typical issues such as air bubbles and peeling that can occur during the tinting process.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance
A significant part of the day is dedicated to hands-on, practical application. In this immersive session, participants will have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills in a controlled, real-world-like environment, working on a variety of window types. This practical experience is designed to not only refine their techniques but also to enhance their precision and efficiency in window tinting.

Quality Control & Review
The training culminates with a comprehensive review of quality control measures. This final segment is crucial as it ensures that all participants are well-equipped to consistently deliver high-quality results in their future window tinting projects. This focus on quality control underscores the commitment to excellence that is central to the course, preparing participants for success in the field of window tinting.

Review & Graduation Celebration
Congrats! You are now Certified in Home and Commercial Window Tinting! With the hands-on window tinting training and knowledge you’ve gained during your 2-day course you’re well on your way! Cheers to your future new business or career!

Training Assurance Policy:

At, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of education for the auto reconditioning industry. Our commitment to excellence drives us to present the following 90-day training guarantee to students of our hands-on training programs in Auto Detailing, Paint Protection Film (PPF), Vehicle Color Change Wrap, and Window Tinting:

Should you, after concluding your training with, feel the need for further refinement or guidance, we invite you to re-enroll in a subsequent scheduled course for the identical service, within 90 days of your initial training. While there will be a materials fee to defray associated costs, there will be no charge for the instruction itself. It's essential to give advance notice if you wish to participate again, ensuring the desired course has adequate space for additional attendees.