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Solar Gard® Clearshield® Pro ACTIV™ Paint Protection Film

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Clearshield® Pro ACTIV™ by Solar Gard is a revolutionary advancement in paint protection film (PPF) technology. This innovative film product is designed to provide the ultimate balance between instant self-healing and robust scratch resistance. Unlike other protective film on the market, the ACTIV™ technology is immediately triggered once the film is scratched or damaged. This removes the need for heat or water to trigger, making this protective film a truly self-healing paint protection film.

Key Features:

  • Active Self-Healing Technology: Advanced polymer technology is instantly activated upon scratching or damage, eliminating the need for heat or water to initiate the healing process.
  • Hydrophobic, Stain-Resistant Topcoat: Effortlessly repels water, mud, and grime, while protecting against stains from bug splatter and bird droppings.
  • Luxury Appearance: Maintains a glossy, just-waxed look, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Warranty Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-year warranty against yellowing, hazing, cracking, peeling, and molding.
  • Increased Resale Value: Preserve your car's pristine condition, potentially boosting its resale value.
  • SPF 285+ Protection: Prevent UV damage and fading of your vehicle's factory paint.

Shelf Life:

  • Solar Gard recommends using Clearshield® Pro ACTIV™ within one year from date of purchase.
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Cap sheet Micrometer 1.5 mil (40 micron)
TPU thickness Micrometer 6 mil (150 micron)
Product thickness (TC+TPU+PSA) Micrometer 8 mil (200 micron)
Tensile stress at break ASTM D882 > 2,200 lbs/in2 (> 15 MPa)
Elongation at break (%) ASTM D882 > 250%
Break strength ASTM D882 > 45 lbs/in (83 N/cm)
GLOSS Gloss Adhered to paint panel, 60° gloss per ASTM D523 92 GU
ADHESION Initial dry peel adhesion Film applied dry, cured for 20 min at 72°F (22°C) 1,290 g/in (5 N/cm)
Initial wet peel adhesion Film applied wet, cured for 20 min at 72°F (22°C) 1,340 g/in (5 N/cm)
After heat age peel adhesion Adhered to paint panel, 3 min at 248°F (120°C) 2,700 g/in (10 N/cm)
Adhered state shrinkage Adhered to paint panel, 48 hrs at 176°F (80°C) No shrinkage
AGING TEST Heat aging Adhered to paint panel, 16 days at 176°F (80°C) Pass, NDE
Accelerated weathering ASTM G155 Cycle 7- 3,000 hrs Pass, NDE
IMPACT RESISTANCE Chip resistance SAE J400 (Gravelometer) Pass, NDE
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Soap & water Samples submerged in chemical for 24 hrs followed by visual inspection. Pass, NDE
Isopropyl alcohol Pass, NDE
Mild acid (pH 9+) Pass, NDE
Windshield washer fluid Pass, NDE
Unleaded gasoline Samples submerged in chemical for 30 minutes followed by visual inspection in 24 hrs. Pass, NDE
Motor oil Pass, NDE
STAIN RESISTANCE Sharpie marker Lines were drawn on the film with a permanent Sharpie marker. Each line was wiped with a dry towel at 5- and 15-min and 24-hr intervals. No visual residue
SELF-HEALING Brass brush (Lincoln Electric KH582) Samples were scratched in a circular motion with a brass brush, then visually inspected @15-second intervals until scratches were no longer visible. < 1 minute, no visible scratches
Samples were scratched in a circular motion No visible scratches
with a brass brush, then exposed to mild heat
and visually inspected.