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Solar Gard® Clearshield® Pro Matte Paint Protection Film

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Clearshield® Pro Matte paint protection film by Solar Gard provides the durability and performance trusted by both installers and vehicle owners while combining it with the stylish look of a matte that savvy drivers prefer. Create a tough barrier that acts like body armor for vehicle paint while adding a distinctive appeal that's sure to make a statement.

Key Features:

    • Luxury Appearance: Satin finish provides an edgy look, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.
    • Comprehensive Warranty Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with a 7-year warranty against yellowing, hazing, cracking, peeling, and molding.
    • Increased Resale Value: Preserve your car's pristine condition, potentially boosting its resale value.
    • Easy to Maintain: This invisible shield is easy to clean and keep your vehicle in showroom condition.
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES TPU thickness Micrometer 6 mil (150 microns)
Product thickness (TC+TPU+PSA) Micrometer 8 mil (200 microns)
Release Liner Thickness Micrometer 3 mil (75 microns)
Tensile stress at break ASTM D882 4,000 lbs/in2 (281 kg/cm2)
Elongation at break (%) ASTM D882 >300%
Break strength ASTM D882 30 lbs/in (52 N/cm)
GLOSS Gloss Adhered to paint panel, 60° gloss per ASTM D523 <25 GU
ADHESION Initial dry peel adhesion Dry Adhered to paint panel, 20 min at 72°F (22°C) 1,100 g/in (4.3 N/cm)
Initial wet peel adhesion Dry Adhered to paint panel, 20 min at 72°F (22°C) 1,200 g/in (4.7 N/cm)
After heat age peel adhesion Adhered to paint panel, 3 min at 248°F (120°C) >2,100 g/in (8.2 N/cm)
Adhered state shrinkage Adhered to paint panel for 48 hrs at 176°F (80°C) <0.2%
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Soap & water Samples submerged in chemical for 30 minutes, followed by visual inspection in 24 hrs. Pass, NDE
White Vinegar Pass, NDE
Motor Oil Pass, NDE
Isopropyl Alcohol Pass, NDE