Light Duty Detailing Clay Bar

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Rightlook.com's blue Light Duty Detailing Clay Bar is great for removing light paint over spray, environmental fall-out,industrial pollutants and mild rust deposits from vehicles that are detailed often. Light Duty Detailing Clay Bar is perfect for the simple detail or the dark colored vehicle. It is strongly recommended that Rightlook.com's Light Duty Detailing Clay Bar be used on every vehicle prior to applying a wax or sealant.

Directions: Start by washing and drying the vehicle as usual. Spray the paint surface with Rightlook.com's Clay Lubricant and rub the Light Duty Detailing Clay Bar back-and-forth across the surface until the contamination is removed. Continue with Light Duty Clay until the entire vehicle has been covered.

Caution: If Light Duty Detailing Clay Bar falls to the ground or comes in contact with dirt, sand, or debris, you must discard the clay as debris will be lodged in the clay. Using clay bars that has been contaminated by dirt or sand particles may cause damage to a vehicle's finish.

Tip: For best results, divide each Light Duty Detailing Clay Bar into 2-3 sections. Use one third of a bar to work on a small area of the vehicle at a time. This method allows you to use only the amount of clay that you need to get the job done. Also, if you drop one section of your Light Duty Detailing Clay Bar, you still have 2 more sections to use.